Europe's deposit pioneers

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Tim Sievers, Deposit Solutions is a globally recognized FinTech company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. We have a long track record of successfully working with banks across Europe and have already mediated more than 8 billion Euros in deposits. Deposit Solutions is backed by renowned European and US investors. 

Our Team

Deposit Solutions employs a team of more than 200 highly qualified and motivated staff. The executive team combines first-in-class finance and technology experience:

Tim Sievers
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Max von Bismarck
Chief Business Officer & Managing Director

Thomas von Hohenhau
Chief Client Officer & Country Manager Switzerland

Holger Hohrein
Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director

Marco Holm
Chief Technology Officer

Michael M. Mueller
Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director

Christian Tiessen
Chief Executive Officer – B2C

Andreas Wiethölter
Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director


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October 2010

Founder and CEO Dr. Tim Sievers wins innovation prize „Pro-Ideenfonds“ by EU

April 2011

Deposit Solutions GmbH is founded

January 2012 invests into company

October 2015

Deposit offers are marketed via own B2C channel ZINSPILOT

January 2016

Series A financing worth EUR 6.5 million by Peter Thiel, FinLab and previous investors is closed

April 2016

Deutsche Bank chooses to partner with Deposit Solutions

July 2016

Series B financing worth EUR 15 million by Greycroft, Valar Ventures and previous investors is closed

October 2016

Deposit Solutions has mediated more than EUR 1 billion through ZINSPILOT alone

March 2017

Deposit Solutions employs more than 100 people

May 2017

Deposit Solutions has mediated more than EUR 2 billion through ZINSPILOT alone

August 2017

Acquisition of SAVEDO

November 2017

Existing shareholders invest a total of USD 20 million


Our B2C Channels

We have transmitted more than EUR 8 billion in deposits through our B2C channels ZINSPILOT and SAVEDO alone. Over 135,000 savers have already opened accounts with the awards-winning portals. We mainly focus on banks based in countries that are rated ‘investment grade’ by leading rating agencies. 


Deposit Solutions operates the B2C channel ZINSPILOT in Germany. Based on the fiduciary account model, ZINSPILOT allows depositors to access attractive third-party deposit products without having to open new accounts. Since its launch in October 2015, ZINSPILOT has built numerous successful partnerships and was named “Best Deposit Marketplace” by BankingCheck over four consecutive years. ZINSPILOT follows a clearly defined listing codex: only banks from countries that are rated ‘investment grade’ by at least two of the three major rating agencies (Fitch, Moody’s, S&P) can actively market deposit products through ZINSPILOT in the German market.

Find out more at ZINSPILOT


Deposit Solutions operates SAVEDO as its international B2C channel. Today, the platform is already active in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Since 2014, SAVEDO built partnerships with over 15 banks and won the award “Best Deposit Marketplace” by BankingCheck.

Find out more at SAVEDO

Awards and recognition

Our Investors is a global venture capital platform with an investment focus on early-stage consumer internet and mobile companies.


Greycroft is a leading venture capital firm focused on early-stage and growth investments in the internet, FinTech and mobile markets.

Valar Ventures

Valar Ventures is a venture capital firm backed by Peter Thiel focussing on investments outside the Silicon Valley.


FinLab AG is one of the first and largest German company developers and investors in the financial services technology sector.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is a renowned American entrepreneur and venture capitalist born in Germany who inter alia co-founded PayPal and Palantir and was the first outside investor in Facebook.