Welcome to Open Banking

We are Deposit Solutions, provider of the Open Banking platform for deposits connecting banks and depositors.

Founded in 2011, we are pioneers in Open Banking. Our mission is to establish Open Banking as the new industry standard for the deposits business.

We partner with banks to build new capabilities and enable substantial growth.


Connecting banks from 20 European countries.

30+ m depositors

Reaching more than 30 million depositors through various channels.

30+ bn deposits

Already mediated more than EUR 30 billion in deposits through our platform.

200+ banks

We have already connected more than 200 banks from 20 countries to our platform.

Some of our clients

The Revolution of Open

‘Open’ has changed our modern world. Digital technology has been a catalyst for radical change and brave new opportunities, as previously closed industrial systems have become networked and open. Wave after wave of industries from manufacturing, entertainment, travel, music and telecommunications have seen value chains upended and rebuilt with an open flow of information, customers and transactions.

Open for banking

Banking too has joined the Open revolution with a combination of customer expectation, technological capability and new regulations:

Customers educated in other sectors seek out a choice of best-in-class financial products independent of product provider.

Technology creates room for new approaches and solutions that could not previously exist.

Regulation champions ‘Open’ as an explicit policy goal, with directives like PSD2 aiming to create growth via choice, transparency and competition.

The market opportunity in the deposits business

Prior to Deposit Solutions there was no open platform allowing banks to offer attractive third party deposit products to their own customers through their existing accounts. Instead customers who wanted a choice of deposit products were forced to laboriously open additional accounts elsewhere.

Meanwhile, banks requiring additional funding for strategic or regulatory aims were unable to access this deposit market without operating their own expensive retail infrastructure in each country.

What was missing was an efficient transmission mechanism to match supply and demand. It was this need that inspired the creation of Deposit Solutions in 2011.

Our team saw that it was time to reinvent the deposit business in Europe through building a true Open Banking solution for this EUR 17+ trillion market with the help of open technology.

Awards and recognition

“Customers won‘t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way”

Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder and early investor in Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla and Deposit Solutions.