Flexible, proven, transformative

The power of our Open Banking platform is its flexibility to solve the diverse challenges that our clients face every day. From accessing funding, to sourcing currencies, to managing maturities, our Product Banking clients have harnessed our technology to achieve a range of different treasury objectives. Meanwhile on the Client Bank and depositor side we have seen the benefits of market-wide choice in terms of increased financial returns and as a result greater customer loyalty.

As well as flexibility, our clients demand complete trust. As pioneers in Open Banking our platform has been live since 2011 and been tried-and-tested by banks with more than EUR 30 billion in deposit transactions already. Deposit Solutions is the standard for realizing Open Banking for the deposits business – for Product Banks, Client Banks and depositors.

See how Deposit Solutions can help you embrace Open Banking:

Our solution for Product Banks:Raise deposit funding.

Our platform allows you to source deposit funding onto your home balance sheet, without having to set up and operate your own retail infrastructure in each market. Connected to our platform, you can source funding without local branch network, expensive marketing and without the need to open, run and maintain numerous individual customer accounts.

Through Client Banks and distribution partners using our platform, you gain access to new markets and captive client groups increasing the addressable market and decreasing the costs of your deposit funding.

Moreover, you have full control in which channels your deposit products should be marketed: You can choose selected banks through closed channels or selected other distribution partners, or you can offer products direct-to-consumer on our B2C platforms, ZINSPILOT and Savedo.

Access retail and corporate deposit funding through various open and closed channels.

Reduce funding costs and diversify funding internationally.1

Simplify handling of retail deposits to the level of interbank funding (e.g., no need to handle individual customer accounts and reliance on KYC of the Client Bank).

Flexibly switch on and off individual channels/entire funding as costs are variable.

Optimize funding mix with regards to different currencies/maturities.

Use non-home markets to flexibly test and offer different product features/pricing.

Get onboarded within 4-6 weeks and benefit from flexible integration options.


Profit from exact controllability of volumes and maturities.

1 “An additional stable retail deposit funding base abroad” is cited by the European Central Bank as one of the benefits of cross-border consolidation as a funding base abroad “will often be affected by shocks that are different to those impacting home-country depositors.”

Our solution for Client Banks:Offer third-party deposit products

Our platform allows you to offer select third-party deposit products to your customers, enabling them to access best-in-class interest rates. This improves the customer experience and relationship, strengthening your position as hub for your customers’ financial needs. At the same time, it also allows you to manage the balance sheet by easily reducing deposit surplus while positioning yourself as innovation leader.

Improve own offering by enabling your customers to access best-in-class interest rates through attractive third party products.

Become hub for your customers' financial needs and leverage cross-selling potential/increase share of wallet.

Improve customer retention and increase loyalty.

Gain an attractive and innovative tool for customer acquisition.

Monetize a low-margin product category through a revenue share on mediated volume.

Easily manage deposit surplus while maintaining exclusive customer relationships.

Get onboarded flexibly according to organizational needs.

Our solution for Depositors:Access deposit products of various banks

Our platform offers savers and corporates access to market-leading interest rates under the existing account relationship without having to continuously switch bank accounts. Rather, you handle administration of all your deposits centrally. This way you can invest your money conveniently, flexibly and profitably into a portfolio of deposit products at different banks.

As a saver, you can spend less time dealing with your personal finances but still access the market’s highest rates. 

As a corporate, you can focus on your core business again while remaining financially nimble to respond to changing market environments.

Access a variety of attractive interest rate products.

Save time and money as you do not have to open accounts at various banks.

Access and handle all deposits centrally.

No additional costs or hidden fees.

Be 100% protected as all offers are covered by national deposit insurance schemes.

Optimize risk through diversification across different banks and countries.