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Open Banking Pioneers

An Open Banking Platform

Deposit Solutions is a leading international FinTech company and open banking pioneer. We are building a new infrastructure for one of the largest and most important product categories in banking: deposits.

With our platform, we help banks to improve their funding. And we enable any company that wants to offer its customers an attractive savings option to include third-party deposit products in their offering.

Better funded banks provide a stronger backbone to the real economy. And more customer-centric banks significantly improve the day-to-day financial lives of savers. This is how we as a company contribute to building a more resilient and customer-friendly financial system.

Facts And Figures

We are active in over 20 European countries and the United States.
Millions of savers
Our platform helps our clients reach over 30 million savers in Europe and the US
Partner Banks
More than 200 banks already use our platform.
Billion deposits
We have transmitted €35 billion in deposits.

Some of our partners

Deutsche Bank
Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance
Banca Sistema
My Money Bank
CreditPlus Bank
“Using Deposit Solutions‘ white label technology, Deutsche Bank managed to launch a new digital proposition that gives its customers access to products from other banks while the bank retains the customer ownership.”
“From day one of onboarding, working with Deposit Solutions has been a pleasant and highly productive experience.”
“Thanks to our partnership with Deposit Solutions, we have further deepened and diversified our funding base.”
“We particularly appreciate the stability of the deposits sourced through Deposit Solutions.”
“It took us only one connection to the Deposit Solutions platform – now we are listing our deposit products at over a dozen different channels.”

Built on a world-class infrastructure

Our open banking platform provides the middleware to connect deposit takers with a large network of deposit marketplaces.

Any financial institution can be a deposit taker or marketplace operator – or even both at the same time. By using our platform, all market participants benefit from economies of scale and effectively reduce their infrastructure and operational costs.

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