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We regularly publish analyses on the development of the deposit market and provide insights on the challenges that both banks and savers are facing in the deposits business.

Text on a blue background reading give and take negative deposit rate charges in view of TLTRO III
April 22, 2021
Negative Rates: Pressure on eurozone banks remains high
The ECB’s negative deposit rate is placing a significant burden on eurozone banks. Some banks are feeling relief thanks to the ECB’s TLTRO III program – but the alleviation is mainly reaching southern Europe.
Text on a blue background reading 2020 European market spotlight
February 22, 2021
Europeans deposited more than 500 billion euros in one year
For the first time, savers in the Eurozone have deposited more that 500 billion euros net on their bank account in a single year. Meanwhile in the UK, the annual savings volume increased by 170% from the previous year.
Text on a blue background reading Eurozone deposit spotlight
December 04, 2020
Deposit volume in the euro zone rose by 82 billion euros
Deposit volume in the euro zone rose by 82 billion euros in the third quarter of 2020 – a historic high. More than 80% of the additional money is accounted for by German, French and Italian banks.
Text on a blue background reading Die Deutschen und ihre Sparprodukte eine Beziehunganalyse
November 10, 2020
Savings accounts are an anchor product for German bank customers [German]
Our representative survey shows how important savings products are for the customer-bank-relationship in Germany. When banks lose customers in search of better interest rates, they run the risk of losing the entire customer relationship.
Text on a blue background reading how savers in the Eurozone deposit their money
July 23, 2020
How savers in the eurozone deposit their money
The Eurozone deposit market is growing. But while the breakdown by different deposit account types remains fairly stable within each country, it varies greatly from one country to another.
Text on a blue background reading the future of big British banks battleground for the deposit market
July 21, 2020
A fifth of Brits consider switching savings account in the next year
Britain’s largest retail banking brands’ ascendency in the savings account market could be under threat. Our analysis shows that losing a customer’s savings account could be the first domino to fall in the loss of the entire customer relationship.

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