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Third-party deposit products
for your customers

Deposit Marketplaces

Open Banking for Deposits

We offer banks as well as non-banks a range of solutions which enable them to offer their customers third-party deposit products while maintaining the customer relationship. This way, our partners can complement and strengthen their offering in a product category that is central to millions of savers, significantly improve the customer experience and thus develop stronger customer relationships.

Our Products

White-label Deposit Marketplace

Offered online, mobile or in your branches, for your retail or corporate clients

We offer our partners diverse options for operating their own deposit marketplace:

  • An API-based integration of our platform within their existing online or mobile banking environment
  • An advisor portal for direct sales situations with personal customer contact


User Experience icon of a white torso inside a dark blue square
User Experience
Significantly improve the user experience and conversion in your deposits business
Customer Retention icon of a white heart insde a dark blue square
Customer Retention
Benefit from enhanced customer loyalty and new potential for customer acquisition
Flexibility icon of geometric shapes inside a dark blue square
Keep full flexibility in choosing the depth of integration and distribution channels, with the option to upgrade along the way
Curation icon of three white nodes inside a dark blue square
Choose your own panel of banks and products for your customers
Additional Revenue icon with three white bars inside a dark blue square
Additional Revenue
Unlock a new revenue stream in a low-margin product category
ZINSPILOT Integration

Integrate our award-winning deposit marketplace into your existing banking environment

With ZINSPILOT, we operate one of the most successful savings deposit portals in Europe for overnight and fixed-term deposit products.

By embedding ZINSPILOT into your online banking environment, you benefit from the high reputation of our multiple award-winning portal and offer your customers access to attractive deposit products with just one click. ZINSPILOT itself only provides the front-end to your customers for selecting the products, while the customer relationship remains entirely with you.


Simplicity icon of a white traingle inside a dark blue square
Minimum requirements for your IT infrastructure and fast implementation within a few weeks
Curation icon of three white nodes inside a dark blue square
Choose your own panel of banks or offer the full product range from day one

Bringing Open Banking to Deposits

With our platform we are providing the middleware that connects Deposit Marketplaces and Deposit Takers.

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