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Superior deposit funding
for banks.

Deposit Takers

We offer banks Deposits-as-a-Service

By connecting to our platform, we enable banks to distribute deposit products independently of an own retail infrastructure, with minimum operational effort. Our extensive data, know-how and experience help banks minimize their deposit funding costs and maximize the commercial value of their deposit funding.

Our Products

Partner Portals

Your deposit products offered via the interest rate portals of our partners

Our platform provides deposit-taking banks with diverse distribution channels in three currencies – Euro, US dollar and Swiss franc. With our help, they can offer their deposit products to customers of universal banks, savings banks, cooperative banks, wealth managers, interest rate portals, leading comparison portals and many more.


Receive deposit funding without operating an own retail infrastructure, decorrelated both from the domestic and institutional markets
Significantly increase the addressable market for your deposit products
Enjoy full cost flexibility and benefit from zero fixed costs
Benefit from low sensitivity to interest rates and higher funding stability compared to conventional deposit funding
Receive retail deposits with wholesale simplicity through pooled payments and off-the-rack subledger service
Risk Management
Effectively address asset-liability mismatches
Advisory & Analytics

Consulting services to maximize the commercial value of your deposit funding

Utilizing both modern data analytics and our years of experience in advising treasury departments, we help banks to minimize their funding costs and maximize the commercial value of their deposit funding. We collect hold data that enables us to understand and anticipate customer behaviour and use deposit modelling to help our partners benefit from the full maturity – and not just the contractual maturity – of sight deposits on their balance sheets.


Maximize the commercial value of your deposit funding
Benefit from deposit modeling “as a service”
Data Analytics
Access smart data analysis tools to control deposit volumes and financing costs

Bringing Open Banking to Deposits

With our platform we are providing the middleware that connects Deposit Takers with Deposit Marktplaces.

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