Innovative technology for a new banking

Since 2011 we have developed a proprietary technology revolutionizing the value chain for banks and depositors. Our ground-breaking Open Banking platform allows banks to offer attractive third-party deposit products to their own customers through their existing accounts. As a result, banks looking for funding can gather deposits from new markets and client groups without having to set up and operate their own retail infrastructure, and depositors can access best-in-class deposit offers without having to open a new account at another bank.

The innovation of Deposit Solutions

  • The Open Banking platform is a flexible tool to enable banks to connect with each other and become open.
  • Our platform is the “middleware” in the new financial economy. In short, it provides a simple way for banks to implement Open Banking into their existing systems.
  • The Open Banking platform creates a win-win-win situation for Client Banks, Product Banks and depositors.
  • It supports a healthier banking system by providing an open market for deposit products, more effectively allocating resources and increasing customer benefits.

How Open Banking benefits our partners

For Product Banks

Deposit Solutions offers access to deposit funding from new markets and client groups without having to set up and operate their own retail infrastructure in each market.

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For Client Banks

Deposit Solutions allows Client Banks to offer a choice of third-party deposit products, improving customer experience and strengthening customer relationships.

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For Depositors

Deposit Solutions offers access to market-leading interest rates from all over Europe without having to continuously switch bank accounts.

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Open works

Retail deposits are a powerful funding source. According to the European Central Bank, private households and non-financial corporations in Europe have invested more than EUR 17 trillion in savings-, term- and sight deposits. Our home market Germany is the largest deposit market in Europe with more than EUR 2,5 trillion. From Germany, Deposit Solutions is expanding into all key European Union markets and the US.

Deposit Solutions: Open Banking at scale

17+ tn deposit market

European deposits market of more than EUR 10 trillion.

30+ m depositors

Reaching more than 30 million depositors through various channels.

1+ tn deposits

Reaching depositors holding deposits worth more than EUR 1 trillion through various channels.

30bn deposits

Already mediated more than EUR 30 billion in deposits through our platform.