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The fintech pioneers that brought open architecture to Europe’s deposits market are now bringing a modern and unique digital approach to raising deposits in the US. Our proven platform is simple, secure, effective, and best of all, it benefits everyone.

We help banks raise deposits efficiently and cost-effectively by connecting them directly with consumers.

We enable partner platforms to offer bank deposits directly through their front-end to their customers, easily expanding their services and increasing their revenue potential.

And, with Savebetter.com, we will provide consumers access to great savings products through a single account that can be set up in minutes.

Banking technology that enables growth

Founded in 2011, we are one of the largest and fastest-growing global financial technology companies. We’ve successfully partnered with over 100 banks and distribution partners all over Europe to build new capabilities and engender growth. We’re now expanding into the US market and are looking for great partners to help them grow.

Deposit Solutions enables banks to secure flexible deposit funding through alternative distribution channels with lower funding costs. Though raised in a wholesale fashion, these deposits exhibit core deposit characteristics without banks having to build, own or maintain costly infrastructure. Our bank partners fully control rates, volumes and can match maturities depending on their specific needs or goals.

We connect our bank partners with other platforms – fintechs, wealth managers, banks and even non-financial organizations – and their customers. Through our solution, these organizations can provide their customer base with third-party savings products that allow them to build loyalty and diversify their revenue streams.

For consumers, we enable choice by providing a portfolio of competitive savings and deposit products offered by our bank partners through SaveBetter.com. Customers can discover savings products that allow them to allocate their deposits however they’d like – all through one single account. Convenience, pure and simple.

Benefits for banks

What are the benefits for banks?

Deposit Solutions’ platform provides a modern approach to brokering deposits. Deposit Solutions offers banks deposits with lower funding costs, a better match to the maturities on the asset side, and constant control of volumes.

How is this different from traditional brokered deposit providers?

We provide flexible funding that is tailored to each bank’s unique goals. Deposits sourced through us exhibit sticky core deposit characteristics. Banks actively manage deposit volumes and terms to match their asset side.

We give banks more reach by sourcing deposits directly from consumers through diverse alternative channels and marketing campaigns that connect them directly with consumers. This enables banks to test new products and price deposits without the risk of cannibalizing their own funding base.

Where do the deposits come from?

The deposits come from consumers through our own platform, SaveBetter.com, and the connected ecosystem of platforms we have created. We are continually building a network of partner platforms across industries and connecting them with the partner banks on our platform.

Benefits for distribution partners

Our innovative platform allows you to offer your clients seamless access to a curated portfolio of competitive savings and deposit products through a single account. Whether you are a bank, wealth manager, fintech, wallet, broker-dealer or even a non-financial company that wants to offer your customers a diverse array of savings and deposit products, we can help you become a hub for all of your clients’ financial needs.

Our platform enables you to deepen and broaden your customer relationships and increase your share of wallet all while developing an additional revenue stream. Join us and become a provider of cutting edge fintech and great savings products to complement your existing offerings.

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Whether you are a bank looking to raise deposits or an organization that wants to offer its customers great third-party deposits products, contact us to find out how you can benefit.

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